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whatsapp plus for android downloadWhatsApp Plus APK Download : If you are a person who love to customize programs to the extent that these 100% reflect your personality, you may like to know that there is an application to give the WhatsApp a completely customized look. So special is the application WhatsApp + .

In the following lines we will not only allow you to download, but also will discuss their virtues and their benefits over traditional WhatsApp. Many are those who wish to change the functionality and interface Whats yours, and now thanks to this free application going to be able to get it.

free download whatsapp plus appWhat is WhatsApp Plus?

First of all we know in detail what this so customizable application you are talking about. WhatsApp Plus (also known as + or WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus Holo ) is an unofficial application available on Google Play that allows us to give a more personalized look and many more options to the app WhatsApp classic. This is not a complete application to the original, but replaces it.

So now we know that WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the classic WhatsApp initially presents identical to the original program interface, but thanks to the almost infinite customization options it offers, gives us the option to create an App to suit our tastes and our needs.
The program has not been developed by the creators of WhatsApp Inc., but user Rafalense of Alicante (Spain), member of the development community XDA.

Customize WhatsApp Plus

As we saw above, in what is modified mainly differs from the official version of WhatsApp Inc. is infinite customization possibilities available to us. The features are the same, but the interface is different and we can do infinitely different with our “choices”.

where to download whatsapp plus appThe interface WhatsApp Plus we already indicates that something has changed, because it is not green as expected, but blue. With this application we can change the colors for displays of talks and contacts, change notification icons (color or appearance) and, by proxy, can even resize profile photos of your contacts or transparency the windows.
We may also use and download themes to give a completely different WhatsApp touch. Many users upload their creations for all to use. These alternative themes can be installed directly from the application.

Improvements over the classic WhatsApp

Besides the obvious color change, which is the main reason why many in this modified version is changed, Whatsapp Plus also includes a substantial improvement that can encourage us to change: we can send up to 50MB of data at a time , rather than with the official version is unthinkable, which only allows up to 16MB.

The use of emoticons also changes a lot with this unofficial version as include many more emoticons not included in the official version. Among them we find so popular memes. Unfortunately these new emoticons will only be visible to people who have installed WhatsApp Plus just like you. These emoticons can be installed directly from the application.

apk whatsapp plusHow to download WhatsApp Plus?

Currently it is not possible to download this version of WhatsApp at the official store or Google or iTunes. You can download the APK file WhatsApp Plus in Internet download sites, but here we remind you that you must be careful with this type of shock and programs installed on our Smartphone. Download portals always trusted you.
Finally we recall that WhatsApp Plus is a supplement to the original application, it is a completely separate version. This means that it can not be installed both versions simultaneously. To download and install WhatsApp Plus we previously uninstall the traditional program. But if we do not like the customizable version, the process can be reversed without any problem.

Download whatsapp plus apk file Here

NOTE: Whatsapp Plus is currenty a Development Stopped Project (Due to official Whatsapp Warning) . The official developer and other modders have stopped the development of this app. So, this app may not receive future updates and this version may be the last one of its kind. So, Neither or the Author is responsible for any content realted with Whatsapp and this is just a share. And will be here forever.