Microsoft Windows 10 Free Download 32bit , 64bit ISO File

Windows 10 free download : Microsoft has announced a surprise Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8 | 8.1.Windows 10 Technical Preview is available to download on the website of Microsoft. Eager to try this new version of the operating system? Read the article!

A single product family. A platform. One store “is the slogan that accompanies the new incarnation of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10

As part of the full convergence of all devices, laptop, smartphone and tablet, Microsoft tries to regain the sympathies of 1.5 billion professional Windows users, or otherwise, being puzzled by the sudden introduction of Windows 8 and its philosophy “touch “applied also to devices created for this purpose.

microsoft windows 10 download

Microsoft Windows 10 is ready to be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s official website. Let’s see how!


English 64-bit (x64)

 Download  (3.81 GB)

English 32-bit (x86)

 Download  (2.93 GB)

Windows 10 Techical Preview although this will be at the market release of the final version in 2015.

How to download Microsoft Windows 10

1) Up to Windows Insider Program

  • Click on the following address
  • Subscribe to Windows Insider Program  by clicking on  Join now
  • Log in with your Microsoft account or create one.
  • A message will confirm adherence to the program and you can proceed to download the technical preview of Windows 10

2) Download Windows 10 TP

Some important details of Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

Who is recommended to download and install Windows 10 Tech Preview?

Joe Belfiore, vice-president of Microsoft recommends that you download and install the Technical Preview of a secondary computer having an operating system still under development and improvement and, therefore, directed to the end user “enthusiast” who want to try immediately the innovations that will bring Windows 10 without worrying about the bug of this technical preview.

What are the most important new features of Windows 10?

Joe Belfiore also speaks to us About the most important new features of Windows 10: a new Start menu, multiple desktops, and an improved multi-tasking.

The Tech preview that can be downloaded and tested is the first incarnation of Windows 10 that we will see in mid-2015 and could not immediately contain all the features of which will be launched on the market.

These and other information are well explained below in the video dedicated to the official Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

Download WhatsApp Plus APK file New Version

whatsapp plus for android downloadWhatsApp Plus APK Download : If you are a person who love to customize programs to the extent that these 100% reflect your personality, you may like to know that there is an application to give the WhatsApp a completely customized look. So special is the application WhatsApp + .

In the following lines we will not only allow you to download, but also will discuss their virtues and their benefits over traditional WhatsApp. Many are those who wish to change the functionality and interface Whats yours, and now thanks to this free application going to be able to get it.

free download whatsapp plus appWhat is WhatsApp Plus?

First of all we know in detail what this so customizable application you are talking about. WhatsApp Plus (also known as + or WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus Holo ) is an unofficial application available on Google Play that allows us to give a more personalized look and many more options to the app WhatsApp classic. This is not a complete application to the original, but replaces it.

So now we know that WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the classic WhatsApp initially presents identical to the original program interface, but thanks to the almost infinite customization options it offers, gives us the option to create an App to suit our tastes and our needs.
The program has not been developed by the creators of WhatsApp Inc., but user Rafalense of Alicante (Spain), member of the development community XDA.

Customize WhatsApp Plus

As we saw above, in what is modified mainly differs from the official version of WhatsApp Inc. is infinite customization possibilities available to us. The features are the same, but the interface is different and we can do infinitely different with our “choices”.

where to download whatsapp plus appThe interface WhatsApp Plus we already indicates that something has changed, because it is not green as expected, but blue. With this application we can change the colors for displays of talks and contacts, change notification icons (color or appearance) and, by proxy, can even resize profile photos of your contacts or transparency the windows.
We may also use and download themes to give a completely different WhatsApp touch. Many users upload their creations for all to use. These alternative themes can be installed directly from the application.

Improvements over the classic WhatsApp

Besides the obvious color change, which is the main reason why many in this modified version is changed, Whatsapp Plus also includes a substantial improvement that can encourage us to change: we can send up to 50MB of data at a time , rather than with the official version is unthinkable, which only allows up to 16MB.

The use of emoticons also changes a lot with this unofficial version as include many more emoticons not included in the official version. Among them we find so popular memes. Unfortunately these new emoticons will only be visible to people who have installed WhatsApp Plus just like you. These emoticons can be installed directly from the application.

apk whatsapp plusHow to download WhatsApp Plus?

Currently it is not possible to download this version of WhatsApp at the official store or Google or iTunes. You can download the APK file WhatsApp Plus in Internet download sites, but here we remind you that you must be careful with this type of shock and programs installed on our Smartphone. Download portals always trusted you.
Finally we recall that WhatsApp Plus is a supplement to the original application, it is a completely separate version. This means that it can not be installed both versions simultaneously. To download and install WhatsApp Plus we previously uninstall the traditional program. But if we do not like the customizable version, the process can be reversed without any problem.

Download whatsapp plus apk file Here

NOTE: Whatsapp Plus is currenty a Development Stopped Project (Due to official Whatsapp Warning) . The official developer and other modders have stopped the development of this app. So, this app may not receive future updates and this version may be the last one of its kind. So, Neither or the Author is responsible for any content realted with Whatsapp and this is just a share. And will be here forever.

Cool Whatsapp Tricks 2015 Every One Should Know These Great Hacks

WhatsApp, the application has become a phenomenon, used by millions of users every day. Can you say more? The truth is yes. A WhatsApp we will get much more out if we learn a number of tricks and use some other applications to expand its use. We offer some of the more interesting tricks.

The popular messaging application has lived a truly meteoric career since his launched in 2009 by Jan Koum. Its rise has coincided with the golden age of smartphones and any news about this application awakens the interest of a large community of users. Despite everything that has been said about it, it is the preferred option to communicate today. To take full advantage, we leave a few tricks:

Best Whatsapp tricks, 2015 for your Android and Iphone

WhatsApp On PC Browser :

Use WhatsApp from the PC has been the most obscure object of desire of the users of this application long ago and have finally been answered their prayers. WhatsApp Web allows us to use the service from a computer with Google Chrome and Internet. On the downside,it is not available for iPhone users. Using it is really easy, just go to and follow the instructions. If not clarify to us, we can always resort to this video tutorial.

whatsapp trick that actually works

If that does not convince us, we can always install WhatsApp on your PC by using emulators. Not being accessible to all users

Disables double check blue

This is whatsapp’s  Most useful tricks Much talk has been the incorporation of a blue double check indicating that our interlocutor has read the message we sent. Some users do not want to enable this option or tell the rest when they read a message WhatsApp. To disable it, go into Settings> Account Info> Privacy and disable “Read Receipt”. That’s Android on the iPhone you need to jailbreak, so we’ll leave for another time.

Disable the blue check mark in whatsapp

Send large files and other formats

Need to send a document by WhatsApp? By default it is not possible to send more photos, audios and videos so we have to resort to third party applications that are allowed to.WaSend is a good (and free) option to get it to send files up to 150 Megs. Another option is to install Cloud Sender to use our cloud storage for file sharing.

How can I send large files through whatsapp

Whether they have blocked

This is an obsession of many people and the reality is that it is difficult to know for sure. We see a number of things that we can get to deduct that that person has blocked us. If you are interested in knowing,

Know who blocked you on whatsapp

WhatsApp on a tablet

WhatsApp require a valid phone number to confirm the installation of the application, for this reason cannot be installed on a tablet. As alternatives, we can use WhatsApp web with Google Chrome browser to Android or choose to follow this method to have WhatsApp on our tablet natively.

ways to install whatsapp on tablet pc

Avoid downloading photos and videos

If we receive many photos and videos may spend our data rate too fast . This is an easy solution that passes configure the type of content that is downloaded automatically. To do this, go into Settings> Chat> Auto download. Multimedia and you can define whether to download Picture, Audio, Video when we are with mobile data or WiFi roaming.

Send your conversations by email

If we need to have a conversation WhatsApp on your computer, either by saving a copy or to have some content in particular, we can send by email from within the application. We can even send all the photos and videos of a conversation, either individually or in groups.We just need to access Settings> Chat> Send mail chat.


Unforeseen and occur when least expected can lose your mobile or suffer a robbery or breakdown. If you do not want to lose all WhatsApp conversations with their photos and videos, we perform backups. This is accomplished in Settings> Chat> Save Conversations, will press and all content will be saved to restore in the future if necessary. Under the option, the date and time of the last backup appear.

Two phone numbers

One more awesome trick of whatsapp is. Need WhatsApp use two different phone numbers? Now it is quite problematic. We leavean interesting article where we explain the current status of applications allowed to use two different numbers. The most popular, OGWhatsApp no longer continues to develop.

Clean old content and frees up space

Over time thousands of messages, photos and videos that accumulate collapse can reach our mobile phone. Thanks to an application called WCleaner , we will be able to analyze everything we WhatsApp and decide what you want to delete.

best whatsapp tricks

Schedule messages

To set the sending of messages automatically at a specific time and a specific user, we must use another application. One of the most recommended is Seebye Scheduler , although you need to be root to give permissions.

Put password to your messages

Another Great whatsapp trick is Privacy is important and through WhatsApp send thousands of messages, photos and videos. If you do not want the information to be viewed by someone else easily, we can add a password to the application . This can be accomplished by installing Protect Messenger and Chat from Google Play. It also serves to set a password for access to Facebook, Gmail, Messenger and many more applications.

great whatsapp tricks


Whatsapp for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8/XP) Laptop

Whatsapp On PC : One of the main shortcomings of  WhatsApp is the absence client of PC that allows users to communicate from a computer instead of having to do compulsory from a smartphone because some users, especially in long conversations, often find it quite uncomfortable. One of the best options to use WhatsApp for PC is to use an Android emulator that allows us to install the client and use it from him.

There are several Android emulators for PC. In other articles we have spoken of free alternatives to carry out this task. In this article we are going to propose how to download whatsapp on pc using youwave Android Emulator

The first thing to do is download YouWave from its official website . The complete package of Android emulator occupies about 150MB as it comes with several outbuildings necessary for proper operation, however, also it requires YouWave have installed Virtual Box to run smoothly. This program can install it before installing the emulator or for your own installation if you have not already.

How to Download Whatsapp for PC Using Youwave

We have 10 day free trial to test YouWave and decide if it suits our needs before paying for it.

Once downloaded begin installation.

how to use whatsapp on pc

The installation process is very simple. Simply follow the wizard next> next> install to start copying files.

android apps for pc

The installation is done cleanly so that no malicious software is not installed or unwanted in our system. Once copying files is finished we will have our ready to start using emulator YouWave.

enjoy using whatsapp on you desktop

To enjoy the 10-day trial must select the first option that indicates the window. After selecting our emulator will become operational.

best way to use whatsapp web on pc

The next step is to download and install WhatsApp on our emulator. This we can do this in several different ways, for example, you can download the installer and copy it to the personal folder of applications that we create within our user in Windows, download and install it from the emulator itself, etc.

In our example we will open the web browser and YouWave will access the official website of Android to download the installer (APK) from there

process to download whatsapp on pc

Once the download is complete we will open the newly downloaded file (usually found in / sdcard / Download) and start the installation. We accept the permissions you request and hope to finish installing YouWave WhatsApp.

whatsapp new version for pc

Once completed and opened WhatsApp and can start with the assistant login.

welcome to whatsapp for pc

We can now use WhatsApp from our computer. We must remember that we can not use WhatsApp both the emulator and the smartphone because if you log into a platform, the other is automatically deactivated. This IM client supports multiple accounts not running concurrently.

Download whatsapp for Samsung

Download Whatsapp For Samsung free

Whatsapp for Samsung:  WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications in the world to send messages, photos and contacts. The application is available on all the most popular store AppStore, PlayStore but also others, which is why today we thought we’d show you how to download WhatsApp for Samsung.

download whatsapp for samsung

Each product Samsung uses the Android operating system with various versions available, each phone or tablet using this operating system to run the applications installed and beyond. Now to download Whatsapp Samsung you have to do that serguire our guide or click on the link below. The application is free for the first year, after which the annual cost of 0.89 cents is that you have to pay as annual fee. To achieve this you must have an account on PlayStore to download applications and a credit card (also prepaid) to buy applications that are extra.

WhatsApp can be used on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 we mentioned previously but also on older products such as S4, S3 and many other Samsung products. To download Whatsapp Samsung must:

Galaxy Note or Ace are just some of the sagas of latest phones that Samsung offers, and thus the Korean emrpesa offers mobile products of different quality and price in order to reach the greatest number of users. Obviously WhatsApp is available for Samsung devices, and here we will see precisely how to download the application WhatsApp for Samsung.

One of the peculiarities of the brand Samsung has Android is the operating system without also mention its beautiful and functional design. As with all Android phones , such as phones Samsung are many applications and games that we have at our disposal, and this is an ideal way to add useful and varied in our tools chance smartphone.

In this sector especially noted WhatsApp , the app will allow us to talk to our friends and exchange files in a comfortable, quick and free. If all this we add that this is an easy application and functional use through a very visually appealing interface it is clear that one of the options demanded by users is to download whatsapp for free Samsung, process we can make no charge from the Android app store, where you can download free WhatsApp for Android devices (Google Play).

Once we access to Google Play ‘ll have to find WhatsApp and for this we can use the search box located at the top of the screen, or access it through the category most downloaded free applications.

Within the official website of WhatsApp ( we can learn useful information about the tool and how it works WhatsApp , especially please read the opinions of other users and, in this way, we can have an objective assessment of what we will have if we install WhatsApp on your phone, an option that will find at the top and left of the screen while the download process stands out as fast, so that in just a few minutes can now enjoy ample provisions of this tool.

Now that we know that to enjoy WhatsApp on your phone Samsung must download the version of WhatsApp for Android, we go with the download. To download just have to click the button that we offer below and follow the download instructions.

Steps to download whatsapp to your Samsung Mobile

  • Go PlayStore of your phone (located on the inside of your phone icon with this name)
  • Go to Search
  • Type Whatsapp
  • Press the button Download and install later.

If you want to install the application via your PC, now you have to do is connect your Samsung phone to your PC and download Whatsapp directly by clicking on this link.

Using WhatsApp after downloading the application is very simple, you have to do is go on Whatsapp, place your phone number with riconoscitivo ID and your name and surname. Now you can also use your Facebook account to achieve before connecting with Whatsapp.

WhatsApp uses your WiFi or 3G / 4G to be able to send messages or to send photos and videos. Do not forget to attach to your tariff plan a monthly subscription that gives you the ability to have data traffic that you just for your use of the internet. Here are other pages to download Whatsapp on other devices:

Samsung Mobile Models Download link
Samsung Galaxy Frame WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Frame
Samsung Galaxy Young WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S3  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy S III I9300  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
Samsung Galaxy S Advance  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500
Samsung Galaxy Nexus  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Samsung Galaxy Xcover WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S II 4G
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S i9020A
Samsung Google Nexus S i9023 WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S i9023
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy Pro WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
Samsung Galaxy SL I9003  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy SL I9003
Samsung i997 Infuse 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung i997 Infuse 4G
Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801
Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin M190  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin M190
Samsung Google Nexus S WhatsApp Download Samsung Google Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy 551 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 551
Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9010 WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9010
Samsung i897 Captivate  WhatsApp Download Samsung i897 Captivate
Samsung Epic 4G WhatsApp Download Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung I909 Galaxy S  WhatsApp Download Samsung I909 Galaxy S
Samsung Acclaim   WhatsApp Download Samsung Acclaim
Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone  WhatsApp Download Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone
Samsung M110S Galaxy S   WhatsApp Download Samsung M110S Galaxy S
Samsung Vibrant  WhatsApp Download Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Galaxy  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 2   WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy 2
Samsung Galaxy S I9000  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy S I9000
Samsung I6500U Galaxy  WhatsApp Download Samsung I6500U Galaxy
Samsung I8520 Beam WhatsApp Download Samsung I8520 Beam
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700  WhatsApp Download Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
Samsung T939 Behold 2 WhatsApp Download Samsung T939 Behold 2
Samsung Wave Y S5380  WhatsApp Download Samsung Wave Y S5380
Samsung S8600 Wave 3   WhatsApp Download Samsung S8600 Wave 3
Samsung S8530 Wave II   WhatsApp Download Samsung S8530 Wave II
Samsung S5750 Wave575 WhatsApp Download Samsung S5750 Wave575
Samsung S7230E Wave 723 WhatsApp Download Samsung S7230E Wave 723
Samsung Ativ S i8750 WhatsApp Download Samsung Ativ S i8750
Samsung Focus WhatsApp Download Samsung Focus
Samsung I8700 Omnia 7   WhatsApp Download Samsung I8700 Omnia 7
Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5   WhatsApp Download Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5
Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4     WhatsApp Download Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4
Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO  WhatsApp Download Samsung B7330 Omnia PRO

Whatsapp APK free download for android and Tablets

Download Whatsapp APK for android and tablets

Download whatsapp apk file:The following tutorial is only intended for users of Android, which are what can download the messaging application directly from the official website of WhatsApp Inc., bypassing the Google Play.
What we have prepared are the steps you must follow to download and install the apk WhatsApp on your mobile phone. We explain step by step how to do to make the process as simple and not cause us any complication.

How to download WhatsApp apk?

This insurance application available on many Internet sites, but the only one we recommend that you download is the official website of WhatsApp Inc . downloading from this link we ensure that the application is 100% free of any viruses. We will also have the certainty that you are downloading the latest version of the app, certainly we can not have in the store from Google, which takes a few days to get the latest updates.


How to install WhatsApp apk?

Applications from unknown sources . Once you have downloaded the application on your terminal, the first thing we have to do is give permission for your phone to install applications from unknown sources. This option is disabled by default, and is something we recommend because this way we can be certain only install applications that we know Google has relatively controlled.

But in the case of WhatsApp apks will make an exception, so to allow installation will go to the “Settings” on your phone, then to “Applications” and then, lastly press in “Unknown sources” to allow installation of these files. But just this once, so once we install the WhatsApp apk, repeat the steps to disable applications from unknown sources again.

download whatsapp apk for android

Install WhatsApp apk . Once enabled installing programs from unknown sources, will access the download section of our phone via the main menu to locate the file Android apks WhatsApp and will press on it for installation commencement.
After that just have to follow the steps the phone and tell us WhatsApp own, such as placing a phone number, change notices or restore saved conversations on the phone if any. From this we have discussed in detail in Article reinstall WhatsApp on Android , if you need help to keep the conversation history or restore them again.

Why use WhatsApp?

No hidden costs : Once you and your friends download the application, they can use it to chat as many times as they want, they can send millions of messages per day for free !.

  • Multimedia : You can send images and voice memos to your friends and contacts.
  • Group Chat: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts.
  • No international charges : As there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages to international destinations. You can chat with friends from around the world, as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed.
  • Forget usernames : WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing address book phone.
  • No need to get in and out : No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. With push notifications WhatsApp is always on and always connected.
  • No need to add friends : Address Book is used to automatically connect you with your contacts.
  • Offline Posts : WhatsApp can save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use.
  • And much more : Share location, custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, exact date and time of messages, chat history-mail, broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much more!

AP / TS intermediate 1st year,2nd year exam results manabadi with marks

TS /AP Intermediate 2ndYear, 1st Year Results 2015 (Andrapradesh) / Telangana inter RESULT2015

Ap , Ts IPE Intermediate Results 2015: AP / TS Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year exams are conducted by Andrapradesh Intermediate board exams and Telangana intermediate board examinations separately in 2015. Government of AP and TS have collectively decided to change the Examination syllabus and Examination pattern for intermediate students in 2015. As intermediate 1st year and 2nd year students of AP and TS have successfully completed their intermediate board exams conducted by the AP and TS intermediate boards students are eagerly waiting for the results. The results are going to be available soon either in the month of April 2015 or in the May 2015.The results of AP and TS Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year 2015 will be released soon. All candidates who have appeared for the examination and eagerly waiting for the results can check their results with marks in the official site As there is massive usage of smart phones now a days students now can check their results through SMS service. The AP and TS intermediate 1st year and 2nd year students who have given examination are very curious to check their AP / TS Intermediate Result 2015 which can be announced any time so let your fingers crossed and keep handy your roll number to check the AP / TS Intermediate Junior and Senior Result 2015.

Manabadi the prescribed websites to check the AP / TS Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year results of 2015 along with marks and these sites are providing latest information about all educational institutions, exam timetables, syllabus and announcement of results of various educational institutions and universities in AP and TS. Hence all the candidates who wrote Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year exams can check their result marks and latest update at Manabadi website. As many Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year students and their parents were eagerly waiting for the results can immediately start checking their results. As the huge number of candidates start opening the same website it will be burden for the database to retrieve all the results of AP and TS Intermediate 1st year and 2nd year 2015 results at a time. So it gets hanged up. Don’t get so tensed be patient about your result. Go to Official site of manabadi so that you can get the results in fraction of seconds.

As AP and TS EAMCET 2015 convener had announced that 25% of intermediate marks increase the credibility of Intermediate in EAMCET will be considered as previous government of Andhra Pradesh had introduced a new scheme named as “Inter marks weightage in EAMCET”. As per this scheme the 25% of the EAMCET marks are reduced and only 75% of marks are considered and the reduced 25% will be added based on the marks scored by the student in his intermediate. So Intermediate marks also plays a prominent role in EAMCET Ranking. The Convener of AP and TS EAMCET 2015 had also informed they will sit and sort out if they are any discrepancies In terms of marks of Andhra and Telangana students In open category admissions. If necessary they are thinking of normalize both the AP and Telangana Intermediate board marks. There are no changes in conducting the examination.

All those students who have appeared AP and Telangana Inter 1st year and 2nd year Examinations 2015 have started searching their exam results on internet. Students will be able to check their BIE Ap or Telangana school wise, Name wise and Roll No. wise results. The complete database containing Results, Mark sheet will be uploaded soon on its official website. All the students can check their results very easily from the official site i.e. in

About Board of Intermediate Telangana

The Board of Intermediate Education promotes the vision of world-class education in Telangana  through quality leadership, support, and services. It aims at continuous improvement of education in the State.

The BIE regulates and supervises the system of Intermediate education. It executes and governs various activities that include devising of courses of study, prescribing syllabus, conducting examinations, granting affiliations to colleges and, providing direction, support and leadership for all educational institutions under its jurisdiction.

About Board of Intermediate Andhra Pradesh (ap)

The Board of Intermediate Education promotes the vision of world-class education in Andhra Pradesh  through quality leadership, support, and services. It aims at continuous improvement of education in the State.

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