Now that you are planning for a bathroom renovation, one of the things you need to think of is whether to go for frameless or framed shower doors. Actually, these two options are completely different from one another, but one thing is for sure, they are both better than shower curtains.

Not all favor frameless, same as not all favor framed. There are different factors one must consider to ensure that the shower door they will use is the most suitable to their needs and bathroom requirements.

To help you decide which of the two would you consider installing in your bathroom, read this article.

Frameless Or Framed Shower Doors

If you are in the midst of choosing which of the two would you consider, read the factors that may affect your decisions below:


The material used for frameless and framed shower doors are almost identical. They both use tempered glass only that frameless is thicker as it has no support. The frame can be made of aluminum, and they come in wide variety of options and colors.

The glass of such doors come in different materials and styles too, clear, frosted, gray glass to name a few. They all have disadvantages and advantages to provide, hence it is best if you know each of its kind before deciding which of the glass to consider.


Those who want to achieve a more modern aura, frameless shower door is a better option. Frameless shower door can give a bathroom a timeless and elegant appeal beyond compare to the framed shower door options. Although, the frame of such doors can be paired and matched to the color and style of the bathroom.

The taste and the personality of the owner will be a huge factor to decide whether they will go for frameless or framed shower door.

To add, in terms of flexibility, frameless is a better option as it be customized according to your needs and requirements, unlike framed where you have limited options of flexibility. If the theme you want to achieve for your bathroom is just like the ordinary or usual bathrooms you see, you can stick with the framed but if you want something extra ordinary and one of a kind, there is no other option for you than the frameless.

Tip: If you do not know which of them is best to match your bathroom, hiring a professional to decide for you is best. They are the best persons to determine which style and orientation best matches the current look and appeal of your bathroom.


In terms of installation, framed shower door is easier. Most DIYers can actually finish installing such in just a few hours. The orientation of such enclosures are almost identical, hence it requires no expertise to accomplish the installation. One can simply watch video tutorials online and voila, they know how to install their own shower door.

On the other hand, most of the time, if not all the time, frameless doors need pros to install it properly. They come in different orientation and only pros would know how hinges must be anchored in the bathroom walls. Even if you purchase the best frameless hinged shower door, if it is not installed properly, it gives you no use. Also, you have to work extra carefully when installing it because it has no frame to protect the glass, one slip and your dream of having a beautiful nice enclosure will be gone.

Tip: If you are willing to spend extra cash to have your shower door installed, then there is no reason why would you not consider frameless door options. DIY is not recommended at all for frameless shower doors, due to its labor intensive and highly sensitive characteristics.


In terms of the maintenance, frameless requires more legwork than the framed ones. Frameless are most of the time sliding and operated by small rollers, hence you have to watch out for possible mold build up in between the roller rails. Apart from that, both are most of the time considered because of the ease of maintaining their doors. Simple gliding and wiping of either a cloth or squeegee is enough to bring it back to its almost brand new appearance.

Those homeowners who do not have too much time to spare for cleaning their house, particularly their bathroom must stick with this shower enclosure options than any other.


The difference between the cost of the frameless and framed is a bit far. Framed is a lot cheaper than the frameless option, hence those who are on a budget would prefer it. Needless to say, the difference between the prices are due to the installation, material used and overall appearance.

Choosing which you can afford is the better option. Meanwhile, if you want to stick with the frameless option despite its price, you are free to do so, provided that your bathroom project may delay a little.

Tip: There is no better way to find the best price than going online and visiting one shop to another. This way you can compare their prices and see which of them can offer you the best shower door at the best price.

Now that you know the difference of the two, you can now decide which of the shower enclosure would you choose. They both have benefit and drawbacks which you can use when deciding.