Constructing a new home is a dream and when time comes, you find it very difficult to make certain decisions. A decision for the selection of a good toilet is one of the complex decisions because there are many options available in the market and it is not at all an easy thing to make a good decision without knowing the latest products in detail. If you are facing the same problem, this article would definitely help you in this regard and would help you in deciding the best toilet for your newly constructed house. Even if you are replacing the old toilet with a new one, you need to make a good decision to avoid any problems.

When selecting the toilet based on the tank capacity and the flushing mechanism, you first need to understand the different methods of flushing available these days. There are two main type of flushing system available and you can select depending on the preferences you like. In this article, you would understand about different flushing mechanisms, different toilet bowls and available options with regard to toilet seats.

Flush tanks and the mechanism of flushing

If you have ever opened a flush tank, you would know that the capacity of all the tanks is almost same. There is no difference in most of the products and it takes around one and a half gallons of water per flush to clear the solid waste. While tank capacity is almost similar, not the tank and flush mechanism is common. There are two main types of flushing mechanisms which are extensively used to create best toilet.

When you are making the purchase, you would be required to consider these three things:

  • Place where flush lever is situated
  • Size and location of the flush valve
  • Flushing mechanism used in the toilet seat

Flush valve is present at around center of the tank and is activated when we press the lever. Lever is present mostly at the top of the tank; however, some modern toilets have levers at the sides which give a better aesthetic look. When we press the lever, flush valve is removed, and water is flown into the bowl. The larger the valve the more would be the water flow and it would be easier for the flushing system to clear the waste. However, with the advancements in technology and adaptations of modern pressure assisted techniques, it is now possible to clear the waste with less flow of water as well. The flushing mechanisms which are widely being used globally are as follows:

  • Gravity flush system
  • Pressure assisted flush system

Gravity flush system:

It is a less costly mechanism and uses the weight of the water to create pressure and release the water in a manner to quickly clear the bowl. This mechanism required less maintenance and is super effective as it creates less sound and is much smooth.

Pressure assisted flush system:

Pressure assisted flush system is a system where flush is done through pressurized air and with the air flow water is flown to the bowl which is then released through the S-trap to clear the bowl. This creates much noise and is comparatively costly than the gravity flush system. It requires more maintenance cost as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned flushing systems, there are other methods available too which include dual flush system and water less flushing system. In remote areas where water is scarce or you want to install a removeable flushing system, you should prefer waterless toilets. In order to select the best toilet, you need to consider the area where you are thinking to install the toilet seat.

Selecting the toilets based on different seating options and covers:

When you are selecting the toilets, you should make sure that you have clearly checked the type of seats and the seat covers to protect them. The shape of the toilet would greatly vary the type of the cover too. The shape of the seat is mainly dependent on the size and shape of the bowl. If your toilet seat has a rounded bowl, your seat would also be likewise and for an elongated bowl, seat would be larger. If you have babies who would also be using the same seat, you should prefer the round bowl toilets because there are many baby accessories available for this type of toilet seat.

In the toilet covers, there is a great variety. Two-way covers are normally present where one cover is used for kids and people with short height. You can pick slow close seat covers if you want no slamming noise of toilet seat covers.

Getting modern toilets:

If you are interested to construct a modern house with all the modern amenities, you should choose the same for your washroom too. In this situation, the best thing is to install a wall hang toilet with the flush tank inside wall bracing. This is a costly product, but it looks great with all the modern equipment in your washroom. This product would definitely charge you more when repair and maintenance would be required.

Selecting the best toilet might not be an easy thing for people having no precious knowledge but with a little brainstorming and market research, you can select a very good product that would increase the value of your house and would bring the ultimate comfort for you and your family members.