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Comeback America Initiative

We aim at bring back the status of America to help ensure that it establishes itself as the super power.

Keep America great and the American Dream alive for future generations.

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We can help educate the citizens to help ensure that the transformation is such that the whole world looks up to us.


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We have always stood the test of integrity and we will always rise up like the Eagle.


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Our current state has slowed us down and we want to make sure that the great status is maintained.


Our Mission & Values

To promote fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

The organization’s primary focus will be federal fiscal issues; however, it will also highlight the larger national fiscal challenge and will engage in selected state and local reform initiatives (e.g. pensions, retiree healthcare, tax systems) and in certain jurisdictions (e.g. Connecticut and Bridgeport)

Areas of Focus & Activities

All activities will be non-partisan in nature and will be designed to make government more future focused, results oriented, successful, efficient, equitable and sustainable.

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Learn The Fiscal Facts Presentation

The Comeback America Initiative has created a Fiscal Facts Presentation, so that any concerned American can educate themselves along with their fellow citizens on the facts, and in turn pressure policymakers to enact reforms that will help to ensure that our collective future is better than our past.

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Ask relevant questions

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Check the license and reputation of the retailer

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Consult your doctor

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The Growing Risk Of A 2020 Recession And Crisis

The Growing Risk Of A 2020 Recession And Crisis

Recession; a term itself which makes people incredibly terrified, seems to be looming around the corner. As the threat of another global recession shadows over the world, the generation that falls at the centre stage yet again are millennials, the generation that is the most worried all the time. A recession means, that the economy which is supposed to grow, instead of growing, gets smaller and smaller. It encompasses a significant decline in the economy and the economic activities encompasses in the economy. This decline lasts for more than a few months and can last for upto a year. A worsening ofa recession can lead to the depression of an economy. This decline in recession of economy spreads throughout the various factors like real GDP, the real income, employment rate, industrial production and whole-sale retail sales. Economic experts all across the word, investors, market observers and economists have become less and less hopeful and gloomier with their economic prediction for the upcoming year as the risk for an upcoming recession has reached 25% according to experts. This growing threat of an impending recession has risen due to the infamous yield curve, which is pointing toward hard times for the upcoming year as it is seen to be inverted, and this inverted yield curve has sent economists worrying. A yield curve shows how much has been yielded in the stock market.

Stock market

Normally, the yield curve slopes upwards which shows the higher amount of interest demanded, however if the curve inverts it implies that the interest rates are becoming lesser and growing less as the investors forecast risks and unusual activities- a future recession. And if we have learned anything from the history, it’s that with every inversion of the curve, a recession has followed. This possible recession could be a huge crisis as it means further rise in unemployment and worsening of the economic condition of the people. This will mostly hit hard on the already- struggling population of the middle class and lower, and the youth millennial generation who are already suffering in the hard-hitting economy. However, there is a very thin line of hope that is emerging, it is that the recession was predicted to arrive in 2019 and 2020, and as we enter the ninth month of 2019, we are not in a recession as of yet. Although the global economy is not in the best condition and the threat ofrecession still looms over, the possibility of a global recession, is itself in recession, as some experts put the risk of a recession as falling from 25 to 15-10%. So, the impending crisis of a looming recession, looms over the global economy, threatening to rage a storm, and only time will tell the aftermath.

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